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Privileged Access to Big Cats

The Wildlife Heritage Foundation Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent houses a number of endangered big cats with a view to breeding and, where possible, re-introduction into the wild of future generations of cats born at this venue. Although this centre is not open to the general public, Photographers On Safari have arranged for photographers to have special up-close access to these amazing animals. In 2013 we have the wonderful privilege of being the only outside organisation to enjoy this special photographic access at this unique venue. There are now 50 cats on site – most of which we will have the opportunity to photograph. Do not confuse other workshops advertised elsewhere at other locations as “Big Cats Workshops” for 2013 with those at this unique venue.

Amur Tiger & Amur Leopard Cubs

There are two of the prettiest Amur Leopard Cubs you have ever seen plus three adorable Amur Tiger Cubs at this wonderful venue. They were born in July / August 2012 and were regularly photographed by Photographers on Safari’s clients towards the end of 2012.  They are sure to be star performers throughout 2013.  Less than 300 Amur Leopards remain in the world, including both wild and captive numbers. It is highly likely that future offspring of the female cub will be released into the wild in it’s natural Russian habitat. Do not miss the opportunity to record “history in the making”. We will also photograph a large selection of the remaining 40 or so cats at this venue.

Sumatran, Bengal & Amur Tigers

There are currently less than 300 Sumatran tigers left in the wild. At the current attrition rate, there will be none left in the wild in ten years. There is a male “Nias” and a female “Puna” present here. They successfully raised 2 cubs here from 2008 to 2010 and now have a second litter of two -born August 2011. There have been, until recently, 4 additional tigers to the above mentioned to possibly photograph. That figure has changed as there were three more new arrivals in July 2012. The Amur Tigers have three gorgeous cubs. the mother is extremely protective of these, and it may be 2013 before we can photograph these.

Amur Leopards & Snow Leopards

There are four adult Amur Leopards here. June 2012 saw the arrival of a second batch of 2 Amur Leopard Cubs at WHF. They are the world’s most endangered cat, and one of the cubs is a female. She is one of the most important pure-bred cats in the world. Photographers on Safari’s customers will get their first opportunity to photograph these cubs in October 2012.  There is often great interaction between the mother and her cubs. Action shots are the order of the day here. Leopards always offer great photo opportunities while snarling and grumbling. This does not mean that they are angry or upset -it is just normal Leopard behaviour. A new female has been introduced to the male Snow Leopard and it is hoped that there will be more new arrivals as a result of this in 2013.

White Lion Family

2012 saw the arrival of a stunning trio of animals to WHF. There is a fabulous two year old male White Lion that has arrived from another park in the London area. He has since been joined by 2 beautiful White Lionesses from South Africa. These were in quarantine until the end of 2012. The male has mated with both lionesses, so 2013 should, hopefully, provide the opportunities for close-up photography of the three parents plus a number of cubs. A huge new enclosure is being constructed especially for this beautiful White Lion family.

Lion Cubs

There are now 4 White Lion Cubs in a huge new enclosure with their parents. Photographers on Safari are the only outside company to have been granted permission to photograph these adorabe creatures. We will also photograph a selection all the other available species. There are more than 50 individuals to choose from. There is another new cat at this venue that has now become quite a star. He is a Jungle Cat. Quite a rare species in the UK.

African Lions, Cheetah & Serval

No big cat collection would be complete without lions. Photograph these magnificent animals from just a few feet away and be amazed at the power of their jaws as they crunch large bones right next to you. The cheetah and servals complete this collection and again provide wonderful photo opportunities. There are now TWO adult servals on site. These have now produced their first litter of kittens (July 2012) and are certain to be one of the highlights for the next 12 months.

Pumas, Lynx, Pallas Cats, Jungle Cat, Fishing Cats

2008  & 2011 saw new enclosures built at WHF. It has allowed new species to be brought into this wonderful collection. The Lynx is a gorgeous cat and one that everyone wants to photograph. The Pallas Cats are more tricky to capture, and their eyes pop out as if on stalks. The Pumas have a fantastic new enclosure and are high on everyone’s photo list. The pictures of these two cats jumping to and from logs over a pool of water really are something special. The backgrounds are quite superb. The Jungle Cat and the Fishing Cats are some of the latest arrivals here and are both proving to be firm favourites at this venue.

Clouded Leopards, Black Leopard & Chinese Leopards

A new enclosure was completed in September 2009 and houses two nocturnal and normally very secretive Clouded Leopards. These now appear during daylight hours on a regular basis and you can photograph animals rarely seen by human eyes. 2010 saw the arrival of a Black Leopard, Khan, from Santago. The Chinese Leopards have a brand new enclosure built in honour of Pete James who owned leopards for many years and successfully bred from them. The female Chinese Leopard is now providing some great photographs.

Large Enclosures means Natural Photos

The enclosures here are large, and it is possible to photograph  the cats with trees and bushes as backgrounds. This makes for stunning photographs that are not normally achievable in captive conditions. The shot of a Puma leaping over the water is most people’s favourite. Enclosures are constantly being upgraded, and new banks and backgrounds are being created to give you the opportunity to take those “in the wild” shots.

Wildlife Photography Tips & Tuition

The day begins with a half hour presentation on how best to get some great big cats photos during the day. One to one advice is available and actively encouraged throughout the day. Learn new techniques while taking fantastic photographs. No other organisation gives the level of tuition that is provided by Photographers on Safari at this venue.

Up Close to your Subjects

Long lenses are not a requirement here. Some of you may choose to use a telephoto lens for headshots, but you will regularly be close enough to your subjects to use nothing more than a standard lens.

Restricted Group Size (12)

We will not be trying to cram an inordinate amount of photographers into one big cats day. Group sizes will be strictly limited to just TWELVE PHOTOGRAPHERS for this event. Smaller group sizes will undoubtedly provide our clients with a SUPERIOR EXPERIENCE while attending UK’s most popular Wildlife Photography Workshop.

Absolute Novices Welcome

You do not have to be a budding professional to enjoy this venue. A total novice with no more than a compact camera will go home with some great shots of these wonderful animals.  You will be close enough to them to smell their breath.

Customer’s Recommendation

I would like to thank you again for hosting this wonderful event. The privileged access, the in depth knowledge & enthusiasm shown by the staff made it a fantastic day. I must also comment on your expert & helpful attitude shown to our group, irrespective of experience or equipment. Everyone was full of praise for the whole day. I would particularly like to thank you for the help you gave me, especially with the custom white balance settings & fill-in flash. I felt I learned a lot that day and I hope it shows in my pictures (attached). Once again, thank you for a fantastic day & I am already planning which “Photographers On Safari” event to go on next. Paul Hancock.


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Typical Itinerary

09.30  Meet and greet + teas / coffees

09.35 Group tuition and safety briefing

10.10 to 12.30 Photograph under controlled conditions with one to one tuition as necessary

12.30 to 1.15 Lunch (provided)

1.15 to 3.50  Photograph under controlled conditions with one to one tuition as necessary

4.00  Depart from venue

Cost and Dates for 2016 coming soon.

Please note that some of the dates have been arranged so that they can be combined with the Gorilla Workshops on consecutive days to save on travelling expenses.




Specialist’s Event for Max. 6 Photographers



We have also come to a special agreement with WHF, whereby we can run exactly the same format (excluding weekends) with just SIX photographers present. This means that you will have a really fantastic opportunity to take your pictures from exactly the angle you choose. There should be no reason why you will not leave this venue with a considerable number of really stunning shots. The animals can be encouraged to perform directly in front of you, thus enabling you to go home with a number of  photographs of a real “professional standard”. Both group, and one-to-one tuition will be available throughout the day. Time will also be set aside for reviewing the photos you have taken during the morning. Constructive advice on any potential areas of improvement to your photography will then be offered where appropriate.

Cost of this workshop is £199.00


We have recently gained permission from WHF to include the Black Jaguar in our Itinerary for our Specialists Event. Photography of this animal is strictly only for our groups of six photographers and will not be on the agenda for larger our groups. She is an amazing specimen and is a wonderful addition to our already comprehensive list of subjects. You will particularly enjoy this lady – the most powerful of all the cat species.


Specialist Event Cost and Dates for 2016 coming soon;

Please note that some of the dates have been arranged so that they can be combined with the Gorilla Workshops on consecutive days to save on travelling expenses.

NB. This event can be arranged most times of the year (weekdays only) when 6 persons are wishing to partake. Please register your interest if the above dates are not suitable.

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